terça-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2015

First Session - 13 January 2015

This first session offered a contemplation of morality through the discussion of the following texts proposed by Sara Silva:

 - Chapter 9 "Morality Binds and Blinds" from Jonathan Haidt's landmark book Righteous Minds (2012) The Righteous Mind
(also attached is his entry on morality from the Handbook of Social Psychology) haidt.kesebir

- Kurzban et al. article on Hamilton vs. Kant kurzban et al KTP in press

- A recent paper by Peter DeScioli et al. on moral values and self-interest Proc._R._Soc._B-2014-DeScioli--libre

- A rather compelling  article by Michael Petersen on  "moralisation" (2012) Moralization_as_protection

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