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Next Session - 24 March 2015

In this next session, Ângela Lacerda Nobre will establish a link between semiotics and evolution by focusing on the following table and paper:

                      Saussure's and Peirce's Interpretation of a Sign

- Saussure’s sign theory –
·         A sign is an arbitrary relation;
·         Each sign needs to be combinedwith other signs in order to produce meaning.
Sounds, letters, gestures.
Image or concept to which thesignifier refers.

- Peirce’s sign theory –
·         A sign has a triadicrelation and is the basis of the theory of signification;
·         A sign has an inbuiltcapacity to create meaning;
·         Each sign develops infinitely in a permanentcycle.
The physical sign that is to be interpreted;
“Something that does the representing” (equivalent to Saussure’s signifier).
Image or concept (equivalent to Saussure’ssignified).
“A sign in the mind”;
It becomes therepresentamen, i.e. the sign to be interpreted, as if it were a physical sign, in the next cycle.
                                                                                                from Ângela Nobre, Semiotic Learning, 2010

- Ângela Lacerda Nobre, Semiotic Learning, 2010: Semiotic Learning;

Semiotic Learning and Beyond pptx presentation;

See you there!

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